Click to see a map which outlines each leg of the trip:

By road from Auckland follow Highway One to Whangarei (about 2 hours).

Twenty kilometers north from Whangarei on Highway One you will see the Whakapara BP petrol station. Turn right 100 meters past this to take the Oakura Bay turn off onto the Russell road.

Twenty kilometres along the Russell road you will come to the Oakura and Ohawini bay turnoff. Turn right here and drop down to Oakura bay.

Drive along the waterfront to the northern end of Oakura Bay and then take the Ohawini Road turn off to your left.

Up over the hill and down to Parutahi beach. Drive along this beach and around the rocks (Porsche owners don’t worry, there is a concrete path now)

You are now on Ohawini Bay.

Drive along the beach to about 50 meters from the northern end. There is a concrete ramp exiting up off the beach between two phoenix palm trees. Take this ramp and then drive to your right around the back of the houses. Ignore the “Club Ohawini members only sign you are now an invited guest! Park behind the house and that’s it you are finally there!

Note - do not try and drive along the beach at high tide. It is best to allow at least two hours either side of high as a “no drive” time. See the link to NZ tide tables to work out the tide situation.

On the tide tables web page click on the day you will be arriving and wait for 10 seconds for the graph to display. Use the times for Auckland.